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Bynemara is a fourth-generation family business specializing in coffee production. It has contributed largely to the development of the Indian coffee industry. Coffee cultivation at Bynemara dates back to 1870. The first seeds of coffee were sown by our ancestors. Migrated from Mysore, they are believed to have been part of the Wodeyar Dynasty kingdom. Traditionally our family belongs to Vokkaliga - a community of warriors and cultivators. Our grandparents remained coffee farmers and supplied yearly produce to the Coffee Board of India.

B.G Chandre Gowda | Coffee Producer & Trader

However, the game-changer was in 1995, when the coffee board announced India as a free market facilitating international import and export. This led to the coffee trading. Understanding the nitty-gritty of new business models post globalization, B.G Chandre Gowda established a small firm to supply coffee to exporters and domestic roasters. Through his venture he collaborated with other coffee farmers and family members; creating a network of coffee producers in Chikmagalur.


Brought up amidst the tropical treasures and the aromas of freshly roasted beans, Ashritha's affair with coffee is manifested through her family’s deep-rooted history. A fourth generation coffee farmer and exporter, Ashritha spent her childhood learning about coffee farming at her father’s estate. From an early age, she was immersed in the family business where she learned about soil, responsible growing, and the relationship between farmers, processors, buyers, and ultimately, consumers.

“Coffee has always been a vital part of my upbringing, having grown up in a family that prides itself in the coffee we produce.”

She began her career as a sales agent with a coffee exporting firm, to garner knowledge, and practical insights about the international markets. In 2015, Ashritha enrolled herself in a master program; Coffee Economics and Science at the University of Trieste, Italy. She was awarded a scholarship by the Ernesto Illy Foundation for the same. After completing the course, to hone her coffee skills further, she started working with a coffee import company in Italy.

“This experience equipped me with the knowledge of small, medium and large roasters in the consuming countries. It further helped me strengthen my network in Italy - a country known for its coffee culture.”

Ashritha Gowda | Coffee Producer & Indian Green Coffee Exporter

“The coffee exports segment began to accelerate upon Ashritha’s (B.G Chandre Gowda’s daughter) return from Italy. By 2016 she had started exporting Indian coffee directly to coffee importers and roasters world wide.”

— Ashritha Gowda


Our current vertical focuses tremendously on small batch roasting and production to suit the needs of our buyers. The new Bynemara line offers five curated blends inspired by our forest and the South Indian coffee culture. Grown, processed and roasted to perfection with our homegrown beans.

Our Speciality Coffee

Our speciality coffee lots are made with homegrown Indian Arabica - hailed as the king of coffee beans and rightfully so. Grown under the shade of numerous wild fruit trees, intercropped with pepper, cardamom, pomelos, avocados, and other tropical treats — following an agroforestry system. Our experimental micro batch coffee involves processing method such as Natural and red honey. Have it neat or spike it with a splash of milk.

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Premium South Indian Filter Coffee

South Indian culture has been synonymous with filter coffee for aeons. Popularised all over the world, purists believe that authentic filter coffee can only be had in South India. Our blends have been specially crafted for filter coffee connoisseurs. Best served piping hot with frothed milk and sugar.

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