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The natural process, also known as the dry process, is a back-to-basics approach. The fruit remains on the bean and dries undisturbed in a slow drying phase. It requires certain climatic conditions to ensure the drying of the fruit and seed in time. Its believed this process actually has the potential to create the most flavourful coffees and that’s the reason it is in our offering today. These Naturals are a new take on the perfect old classic. Our best-selling coffee for a reason. Anyone who enjoys a bit of a sweetness and acidity will love SAVI with its light roasted- fruit-forward notes and heavy-bodied structure. Get ready to sip on a cup of mixed berries covered in sugar cane like sweetness.


About us - We are farmers, exporters, and retailers of Indian coffee. our endeavor is to preserve forest biodiversity and Indian Coffee Culture.

Our coffee - Rich, smooth, dark, and luxurious, our coffee carries with it stories of the land and people who have cultivated it for over a century.

Origin - Chikmagalur, Karnataka

Process- Arabica natural

Tasting Note - Mixed berry and cane sugar

Recommended brewing methods - French press and pour over

Roast level - light roast

Packaging - Sustainable packaging that ensures the freshness of coffee over the period of 12 months

Bynemara coffee is not instant coffee; you will need a brewing apparatus to brew the coffee to get the best flavor and taste.