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The honey coffee process is the hardest and most demanding coffee processing method in modern times.Red honey, is processed by pulping(separation of fruit skin from the seed and the pulp ) there after undergoes prolonged phases of drying to create a bit of sweet clementine and a citrus fruit like acidity which transitions into a honeycomb finish, ending on a well-rounded note.Overall, honey process coffees showcase the possibilities of what can be achieved combining the best flavour attributes from a washed coffee and a natural coffee into one to bring you the most beautiful expression of natural flavours, from our farm to your cup. These Light roasted coffee, bringing out a thin crisp acidity , followed by a clarified version of soft fruit sweetness.Bright and Lively , makes a beautiful pour-over to start your morning.

Process - Red Honey

Tasting Note - Notes of Melon &Plums

Roast level - light roast